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熔荟 / Fused Deposition – Exhibition: 深圳画院 / Shenzhen Fine Art Institute. Shenzhen, China

熔荟 / Fused Deposition, 2019
Fused deposition modeling 3D print from bio-polymer
8/ 21 cm x 16 cm x 16 cm

Collaboration with Studio EP

Exhibition: 熔荟 / Fused Deposition. 深圳画院 / Shenzhen Fine Art Institute. Shenzhen, China

熔荟 / Fused Deposition is a mixed media exhibition based on visual projections and 3D printed installation pieces. The conceptual construction of the exhibition is largely influenced by a brain imaging method called CLARITY (Clear Lipid-exchanged Acrylamide-hybridized Rigid Imaging / Immunostaining / in situ-hybridization-compatible Tissue hYdrogel). This procedure enables scientists to make brain tissue transparent by replacing lipids with hydrogel thereby gaining access to detailed pictures of biological structures and their interconnectedness. 

The subject matter of my work is always closely tied to the symbiotic relationship between art, science and nature. Especially the concept of energy is a personal fascination of mine. It is never lost nor won but simply in a continuous state of transformation and transport from one system to another. By using the CLARITY method as a visual blueprint the exhibition examines the energetic creation process involved in connecting multiple organic entities. The cerebral installation pieces consist of fused deposition modeling 3D prints from cornstarch bio-polymer. All of the pieces stem from the same magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) file of the artists brain that was translated into computer language and then printed into tactile, silky, semi-transparent biomorphic shapes. 

熔荟 / Fused Deposition invites the viewer to explore concepts such as connectivity, transparency and coexistence in an interdisciplinary approach in this environment. Showcasing a conceptual and visual discourse that revolves around energy and its exchange in any given organic system it is an examination of the fluctuating state of the natural world as well as a tribute to materiality and its formability.

Loop – Exhibition: Kunstverein Edel Extra. Nuremberg, Germany

Loop, 2019
Fused deposition modeling 3D print from bio-polymer
200 cm x 100 cm x 100 cm

Collaboration with Studio EP

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